Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Time!

Here is a picture of our first Christmas tree.  It's not the biggest... but its perfect for us (small for storing, and we only have about 10 ornaments).  The other picture is in front of Jake and Bronwyn's beautiful tree. 
This is also the first time I have ever had any Christmas decorations to put up (thanks to my mom) and I love it!  My favorite thing is probably my Christmas candle.  I love the aroma of Christmas! 
This year for Christmas we are going to Josh's families house in California.  I have never spent a Christmas with his family out of the three years I have known them and I am really excited.  It will be interesting to see how another family does Christmas- I have only spent it with my family before.  A bummer though is Jake and Bronwyn won't be there (Bronwyn is pregnant and due right after Christmas.)  
Also, my mother-in- law is throwing me a baby shower when we go down there.  She is so sweet and thoughtful.  
Overall, I am ready for finals to be over and head down to California!

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