Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Food Blog

My sister-in-law Collin just introduced me to this great food blog:  It is actually Collin's sister-in-law's blog.  She has a great variety of recipes and everything I have tasted has been delicious!

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One of my favorite recipes so far was the Crockpot Coconut Chicken Curry.  Very easy and tasty.  I added potatoes and carrots to my crockpot as well.  Also, if you don't add the chicken this is a great vegetarian/vegan meal.  Last of all I would add a pepper- we like our Indian food spicy.

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The first thing I made was the Quick French Baguettes.  This recipe was VERY quick and easy for a yeast bread and turned out great.  My husband said that it was his favorite bread that I had ever made! 

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Another winner was the Manicotti.  Like suggested, I used lasagna noodles and they were delicious!  This was one of the first dishes where my husband and I actually ate all the leftovers. Also, you can use low fat cottage cheese instead of ricotta, use less cheese in general, or substitute some of the cheese for spinach!  This one is definitely a crowd pleaser.

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